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What is home staging?

Technically, home staging is the process of presenting a home in a way that highlights its best features so it appeals to the broadest pool of buyers. Staging used to be considered an option but has recently become much more the norm. Our world is so incredibly visual and online viewing has long replaced drive-bys. Staging makes a home show best online and in person. We actually think that every house needs some level of staging in order to maximize profit and in some cases it can be the difference between selling and not selling!

Staging is the process of bringing furniture, art, and accessories into a space and creating an ambiance that speaks to a buyer’s psychology. The goal is to create spaces that buyers can envision themselves living in.  It is a way to overcome certain objections in a home and showcase how rooms can best be used.  It can involve decluttering and removing a lot of a seller’s personal belongings or moving absolutely everything out and starting from scratch. 

Staging can be overwhelming for sellers, especially when they are still living in their house. We try to make it as stress-free as possible, convenient and cost-effect with our in-house staging services. Learn more here.

What staging is not.

Home staging is not personal interior design.

What is the difference between home staging and interior decorating?

Many people believe that home staging and interior decorating are the same thing. Home staging is a temporary design project and is about making a space appeal to the broadest audience of buyers, while interior decorating, is about personalizing a space to a client’s specific taste. In actuality, home staging and decorating are at opposite ends of the design service spectrum. Home staging is a one-step process. Interior decoration generally happens over a period of time and with a lot of thought, discussion, samples, and even trial and error. The home staging process does not involve any customization or personalization for the owner and happens all in one day.

What if I am the seller and I don’t like the staging or the repurposing when it is finished?

This is a great question and to be honest, this may very well be the case but please trust us and trust the process! It is hard to see your home styled in a completely different way other than the way you have lived in it and loved it. We get it! Staging is done to appeal to buyers though and not sellers. That’s the key! The selection and placement of artwork, furniture, and accessories are at the discretion of the staging company that you choose and it may not be to your personal taste. Don’t be upset. We know it is worth it and we know that it works!

What if my home has been professionally decorated- isn’t that staging?

Not necessarily. Staging is different because it focuses on what a potential buyer will look for rather than personal taste. It can also be all about getting the right photos! A home can be gorgeous but still benefit from staging in order to appeal to the widest array of buyers and don’t forget that staging can include some simple editing and reworking existing furniture if you are working with the right staging company.

Does staging really matter in this market?

Staging matters in every market! The digital world that we live in has made the presentation of a home more important than ever. HGTV, Chip and Joanna Gaines, Instagram……buyers are looking at design everywhere. A home that is staged (and priced) well will typically sell quicker and for more money. There are different levels of staging and different price points to consider so be realistic with the results based on what you have ordered!

Is home staging just for vacant homes?

No, however only select home staging companies will work in occupied homes so occupied homes can be a bit trickier but we have a solution!

What is repurposing?

Select stagers will work with some of the sellers furnishings, bring in some staging inventory and repurpose or redesign a space or a whole home. This often involves a lot of editing and some work on the sellers part to pack things up and put them in the garage or storage. Of all of the different kinds of staging, this one can feel the most awkward for a seller. Please do not be offended and know that we are on your team. We only make suggestions because our experience tells us what works!

Is staging just for interiors?

Not at all! Some homes really need and can benefit from an exterior refresh. This can include potted plants, dining areas, lounge furniture and/or garden accessories. Sometimes we might suggest power washing and/or painting the front doors. This is generally an additional cost.

Does Staging include cleaning?

No. Your home will need to be cleaned prior to the staging day. It is generally a good idea to have your home professionally cleaned prior to going on the market so doing it before the staging and photos makes the most sense. If carpets need to be professionally cleaned, this should also be done prior to the staging and enough time left so that carpets are dry before the staging inventory arrives. If a home is not clean when the staging delivery arrives, the stager, at their discretion can decide not to complete the job and yikes, that can cause quite the scheduling nightmare. We can work with you to be sure everything is ready.

Does the cost of staging include moving my personal belongings out?

Not unless this is prearranged which is possible with select stagers however this will normally result in additional charges.

How long does home staging take?

Normally it is all done in one visit. It is largely dependent upon the services that are needed. Repurposing often takes longer than staging a vacant home. On staging day, stagers ask to have the home free of real estate agents, contractors, and sellers for 8 hours. It never looks good midway through the process so best to save peeking until it is all done.

Does home staging really work?

Yes! Here are a few statistics to consider and if that is not enough, the National Association of Realtors did a great study in 2019 about the perception of home staging. It can be found here.

  • 95% of properly priced staged homes sell in 11 days or less, compared to 90 days for unstaged homes.
  • 81% of buyers think it is easier to visualize themselves in a home when it has been decorated in an appealing style
  • 46% of viewers stay in a staged home longer when viewing than in a home that has not been staged
  • 45% of buyers see a perceived increase in value if a home is staged to meet their design  
  • On average staged homes sell for 17% more than a comparable unstaged home
  • 96% of realtors surveyed feel that staging a home has a positive impact on how buyers feel about it however only 36% of real estate professionals say they stage their listings…..that is crazy to us!

How do I know if I need home staging?

Almost every home can benefit from some home staging. Even beautifully decorated and very organized homes often benefit from some editing.  Vacant homes also really benefit from staging as it helps define spaces and often makes rooms look larger. 

Learn more about how we can help here.


February 22, 2019

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